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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thyroid and Pregnancy..

The Thyroid and Pregnancy...

Early Egyptians documented pregnancy when a reed tied around a young woman's neck broke from the strain of progressive swelling.

While pregnancy, as a physical state , is a situation that is ripe for various people getting ready to propagate various old-wives-tales, traditional interpretations being given for non-traditional symptoms etc, it is important to mention these to your gynaecologist, so that appropriate thyroid correcting actions can be taken, IF necessary. Ignoring a malfunctioning thyroid in a pregnancy is tantamount to ill treating the foetus.

Depending on whether you tend to be hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, or have other autoimuune type problems, the situation is correctable if detected at an early stage.

Sometimes, symptoms of hypothyroidism such as tiredness and weight gain are already quite common in pregnant women, it is often overlooked and not considered as a possible cause of these symptoms. Blood tests, particularly measuring the TSH level, can determine whether a pregnant woman's problems are due to hypothyroidism or not.

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